Divorce – The Case Information Statement

As important, if not more, as your judgment of divorce is the case information statement (CIS). This document is required by the court in every divorce matter in New Jersey. In addition to being the end of a marriage, a divorce serves to divide up the assets acquired by the husband and wife during the marriage. The CIS provides information on the entire financial status of the husband and wife during the marriage and in my opinion, it is a valuation of the couple’s financial worth during the marriage and a predictor of the financial worth of each party after the divorce.

Having said that, it is critical that a party to a divorce matter take the completion of the CIS seriously. Recognizing the difficulty in dealing with financial information in the midst of the emotional turmoil wrought by the ending of a marriage, the CIS may also serve as a “this is really happening” moment. Neither party should use this document as a litigation tool as this only prolongs the process and incurs legal expenses. Divorcing couples should therefore cooperate fully with their representation and each other in expeditiously completing a CIS.