For divided families, it is never too early to talk about Summer Camp costs

Among the schoolchildren, conversations about summer vacation are now beginning. They are happy ones, all about endless days, playing outside and… Parents and especially working ones,view the approach of summer with a mixture of joy and dread as they try to figure out what to do with the children during the summer break.

The amicable divorce

So, I am sitting at my office brainstorming for topics that I can post on my site. I hit upon this original idea (or so I thought) of the myth of an amicable divorce. Just to be sure I searched for “amicable divorce” online and came upon this very pertinent article.

Divorce – The Case Information Statement

As important, if not more, as your judgment of divorce is the case information statement (CIS). This document is required by the court in every divorce matter in New Jersey. In addition to being the end of a marriage, a divorce serves to divide up the assets acquired by the husband and wife during the marriage.