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Today, Divorce is a fact of life for over half of families in the United States. Representation in contested and uncontested matters, negotiating property settlement agreement terms, setting up custody and parenting time are some of the services offered by WLK-LAW with a goal towards minimizing the conflict between divorcing spouses.

Divided Families

Legal issues often arise event after once-united families are now living separately. Services offered by WLK-LAW include, relocation , custody modification, and college costs representation. My focus is to obtaining desired results through negotiation and agreement and only seeking court intervention as a last resort.

Special Education

The importance of an education cannot be overemphasized, more so in the case of children with special needs. WLK-LAW educates parents on how to be effective advocates for their children, how to cooperate with school districts without jeopardizing your legal rights and when to seek legal intervention.

Practice Areas


Finding yourself in need of legal services can be one of the most stressful times in your life and more so is finding the right attorney to represent you. W. Lois Kahagi’s law practice is focused on you, the client. From our initial meeting to the conclusion of your matter, my goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Whether you are in immediate need of an attorney or considering retaining one, I will assist you in determining your best option; no question is too insignificant to ask. If you are seeking timely, cost effective and high quality legal services delivered with the zeal, compassion and competence, Call me for a free confidential consultation.